Assignments for This Week

  1. Post your haikus to your blog.
  2. Keep revising and editing your parable/fable.  It should include all of the elements of parables & fables we talked about.  Be sure to check for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.  Don't forget to include a title.
  3. Share your writing with your neighbors for editing and revision comments.  No one should be changing your text!


Assignments for this Week

1. Make sure you have all of last week's assignments completed first.

2. Read you neighbor's blogs plus 2 others and make positive and specific comments. Explain why you like someone's writing and/or pick a particular line to comment about.

3. Type your persona poem on google docs and share with me, Ms. Walters, and your two neighbors.

4. Help edit and revise those persona poems shared with you.

5. When you have gotten feedback and revised. You may post your poem to your blog. Be sure to make a title other than "Persona Poem."

6. Go to Glogster.com (you'll see the link to this on the right hand "web links" menu) logster is a poster blogging site. Sign up for a new account. Please use your real name for you nick name and same g-mail password so you don't forget. Once you click "accept" it may take a while to load in at first so be patient. Make an poster that expresses who you are, what your interests are, and what your dreams are. Have fun and experiment.