Computer Lab Assignments for this Week

Things to do this week in computer lab . . .

  1. Complete your digital media life data tables
  2. Create a graph of your data using this cool and easy to use graph maker website
  3. Download your graph as a .jpg file and then paste it into a web post.
  4. paste your graph into the google presentation I shared with you.
  5. Go to and find out what presidential candidate you would most likely vote for (as if you didn't already know!)
  6. Keep working your comparison essay rough draft or any work for Ms. Leuck's class.
  7. Make a survey about digital media in google forms and email it to all the students in your class.
  8. Have fun with some Halloween Games   Frankenbrain  Spelloween  Halloween Memor Halloween Hangman  Stacking Pumpkins


This Week's Computer Lab Assignment

Things to do in computer lab the week of October 9 - 12

  1. Check your email and complete the survey.
  2. Complete your Washington D.C. memorial/monument poster.  You may have to use Google Draw  or Word if Glogster is having issues.  Please share your poster with me or email it too me.  You will also need to print it out in color in the classroom too.  
  3. For Ms. Leuck's class:  Type your writings and share with Ms. Leuck via google docs
  4. Post your Alchemist Journals to your blog
  5. Edit your Whiskey Rebellion video in Movie Maker, you can add sound clips, titles, and transition effects.  
  6. Log into Pixton (ask me for activation code) and try out making a comic strip.