This Week's Assignments

This week you will be making an interactive timeline about the American Revolution using the website timetoast.  You will first need to sign-up for an account.  Make sure your user name includes your real name.  Once you have activated your account through the email link, you may create your timeline using the following criteria:
  • Appropriate title with dates represented
  • Correct dates for events
  • Historically accurate descriptions in your own words
  • Try to use historical quotes and images whenever possible
  • An event related image per event
  • Link to website where you found the info (please try to use other sites besides Wikipedia)
  • When you are finished, email me and Ms. Walters your timeline web URL and embed your timeline into your blog.
  •  1774 - 1781
A list of events you'll need to include in your timeline (in no particular order), plus six more of your own choosing.

  • First Continental Congress
  • Coercive or "Intolerable" Acts
  • Benjamin Franklin goes to France to ask for their help
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Second Continental Congress
  • Washington captures Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey
  • Lexington and Concord
  • Battle of Bunker hill
  • Battle of Yorktown
  • Washington defeated at Brandywine
  •  Intolerable Acts
  • Arrival of 30,000 British Troops in New York Harbor
  • Peace treaty signed between Great Britain and United States, Treaty of Paris
  • Charleston, South Carolina falls to British
  • Elizabeth Freeman sues Massachusetts for her freedom
  • George Washington takes command of Continental Army
  • Common Sense is published
  • Articles of Confederation adopted
  • Battle of Long Island/Battle of Brooklyn
  • Declaration of Independence is ratified
  • Americans lose Fort Ticoderoga
  • Philadelphia is lost to British
  • Washington's Winter at Valley Forge
  • American's win a Saratoga
  • France signs treaty of alliance with United States
  • John Paul Jones captures Serapis


This Week's Assignments

  1. Be sure to complete your two Wanted posters and print them out.  Be sure you really explain in detail what they would be "wanted" for.  If you can't find out, try a different firebrand.
  2. Finish language arts assignments for Mr. Vack and Ms. Leuck.
  3. Check out the Elements PowerPoint I shared with you.  Choose two elements that haven't been picked and make a slide for each of them using my Hydrogen slide as a template. Be sure to put them in order by their atomic #1.  Use the following websites for info about the periodic table and elements.

Trash Blog II

1.  Make sure you posted last week's blog questions and posted your Trash found poem.  Make sure your poem has a title other than "Trash Found Poem."

2.   Print out your poem, (you will glue this in your journal).

3.  Read the paragraph on pg 149 that begins with, "I learned more than any university could ever teach me."  What do you think about Olivia's perspective about money?  How do you think her experience at the Behala dumpsite has changed her?

4.  Read the four newspaper articles on pages 186 - 189.  Which one has the most liberal or anti-Zapanta perspective?  Which one has the most conservative or pro-Zapanta perspective?  Use examples from each article to support your opinion.

5.  Describe the scene at the cemetery during day of the dead. Why do you think the author, Andy Mulligan, would end the book in this setting?