This Week's Assignments

  1. Make sure you have typed and blogged your "List" and "Vs" poem.
  2. Create a poem or two using the magnetic poetry website (see last post for links) and post this to your blog.
  3. Revise and type your Langston Hughes Poetry Response and post it to your blog.
  4. Watch, listen, and read, at least two poems, on the Favorite Poems Project website.
  5. Choose one and reply to this post by answering the following questions:
  • What is the name and author of the poem?
    • What is the poem about?  What messages or themes is the poet conveying?  Who or what is speaking in the poem?
    • What elements of poetry does the poet utilize?  Give specific examples from the poem itself and explain how they help convey meaning to the poem.
    •  What do you like about the poem?  Any favorite lines?
          6.  Read and respond to other student's replies.

          7.  Revise and type your Found Poem about slavery.  Post it to your blog.


    Today's Assignment

    1.  Type and revise List Poem and post to your blog.
    2. Type VS. poem and post to your blog.
    3. Create some poems using magnetic poetry for kids or magnetic poetry online genius edition.  Type poems and post to your blog.