50 Greatest Technological Innovations Project pt. 1

  1. Read The Atlantic's list of the 50 greatest inventions.
  2. Choose three to research further.
  3. Start researching your inventions.
  4. Narrow your decision down to the one you would like to investigate further

News Quiz

Take the N.Y. Times Weekly News Quiz and test your knowledge of current events.


Digital Drama and The Uniqueness of You: Word Clouds

  1. After you have finished your digital drama worksheet and turned it in to the "Reality of Digital Drama" folder.  
  2. Make a word cloud of your ideas.  Remember the more times you use a word the larger it will appear in your word cloud.  
  3. Save your word cloud as a jpg and post it to your blog.
  4. Make a second, more in depth word cloud about yourself.  Use unique words to describe who you are.  
  5. Save as a jpg and post to your blog too.  
Wordle: Vack