Assignments for April 30 - May 5

1.  Make sure you have completed all of last week's assignments.

  •  Have you posted your "I Have Seen" poem with lots of detailed imagery that makes your "abstract" noun become "concrete?"  
  • Have you posted three poetry responses with links to the poems?
2.  Post your limericks

3.  Post your "Braggin' Rap" verses.

4.  Read at least four student's "I Have Seen" poems.  Choose two students sitting directly to right of you and two students sitting directly to the left of you.  Can you guess the abstract noun? Write a poetry response for at least two of them.  You can write the responses in the same post.  Be sure to include a link to their poems.
5.  Keep reading other student's blogs and commenting.

6.  Try the magnetic poetry too!

7.  If all is done, try out this simple online beat maker.


Assignments for April 23 - 25

1. Post your "I Have Seen"  abstract noun poem.  Make sure you include lots of detailed imagery to help make your  "abstract" noun more "concrete."

2.  Post your three (or more) haikus.

3.  Complete poetry response #3.

4.  Read at least six student's blog posts and write positive comments.

5. If you are 13 and in 8th grade, write a haiku for the Scholastic haiku contest and you could win a trip to Europe, Australia, or China.  Entries are due April 26

6.  Write some poems using Magnetic Poetry.  Make sure they are school appropriate (do I even need to say this?  for some of you, yes!)  You can print your poems for you portfolio and post them to your blog.


Assignments for April 16 - 18

1.  Thinking about ways you can add elements of poetry, revise your list and vs. poem.  Is there rhythm, repetition, do the comparisons make sense, is there a strong ending, and logical flow of ideas?

2.  Finish your first poetry response from last week.  (Look at my last post for the assignment requirements)

3.  Start on this week's poetry response.

4.  Read other student's poems and poetry responses and leave positive comments.


Assignments for April 10 & 11

1.  Type up your list poem , publish it to your blog, and print out a copy for your portfolio.  Make sure it has a title other than "list poem."
2.  Browse and read poems on the sites and poetry archive.  Find two that speak to you.
3.  Copy and paste each of them in a google doc, making sure you keep the original formatting, title, author's name, and date if available.
4.  Print each poem out and crazy notate.
5.  Using the Elements of Poetry and How to Read a Poem handouts, write a (at least 1/2 page) response per poem.  Be sure to discuss the theme of the poem, and use examples from the poem to illustrate use of poetic devices such as alliteration, repetition, metaphor, etc.  Of course include the author's name and poem's title in your first sentence.
6.  Post your responses to your blog along with a link to the poems.  Finally, print out your two response, hole punch, and put them in your portfolio along with your notated poems.
7.  When you're done, read other student's posts and write comments.