Assignments for April 30 - May 5

1.  Make sure you have completed all of last week's assignments.

  •  Have you posted your "I Have Seen" poem with lots of detailed imagery that makes your "abstract" noun become "concrete?"  
  • Have you posted three poetry responses with links to the poems?
2.  Post your limericks

3.  Post your "Braggin' Rap" verses.

4.  Read at least four student's "I Have Seen" poems.  Choose two students sitting directly to right of you and two students sitting directly to the left of you.  Can you guess the abstract noun? Write a poetry response for at least two of them.  You can write the responses in the same post.  Be sure to include a link to their poems.
5.  Keep reading other student's blogs and commenting.

6.  Try the magnetic poetry too!

7.  If all is done, try out this simple online beat maker.

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