Assignments this Week

1.  Read last week's Book Thief comments and respond to this week's questions below.

2.  Now that you have your outline completed for your research paper, begin to write your rough draft on google docs.  Be sure to share it with me and Ms. Walters when you think it is time for feedback.  Underline your thesis, and topic sentence of each paragraph.  Be sure to cite your sources after a fact, quote, or paraphrase.  Example:  (Zusak 113)

Book Thief Questions: Week 2

1. Thievery plays a prominent role in the book, in what ways does thievery help the characters get through difficult times, in what ways is it harmful?

2.  In what ways do German citizens have to show loyalty to Hitler and the Nazi party?  How do characters hide their true feelings about their loyalty, particularly Hans?

3.  Who is the Jewish fist fighter?  How does he end up at the Hubermann house?  What risk is Hans taking?

4.  Describe a compelling event or scene from this week's reading.  What makes it compelling?

Assignments for This Week

1.  Respond to the Book Thief discussion questions below by posting a comment.  Make sure you don't post anonymously so I can give you credit. 

2.  Using google docs, begin to write your outline.  Start with you thesis, and for each body paragraph, begin with a topic sentence.  Using bullets, put  facts, quotes and ideas underneath your related topics.

3.  Keep researching and writing note cards.  You'll need between 10 - 20 note cards.

4.  Once Ms. Walters has approved your thesis, topic sentences, and note cards, you may begin writing your rough draft.


Book Thief Questions: Week 1

By this week you should have read up to pg. 107.  
Respond to this post by answering the following questions in paragraph form.  Leave a line space between each response.  Be specific.  Remember, you won't be able to read others comments until next week.

1.)  What are your overall impressions of the book?  What aspects/parts do you like?  What parts are difficult to understand?

2.)  What is the effect of having Death serve as narrator?

3.)  Why do you think Death puts such an emphasis on colors?

4.)  Briefly describe the main characters so far. 

Assignments this Week

1. Post your personal narrative and digital story to your blog.  You can insert your video into your blog post.  (this will take a while to upload so go ahead and work on your history research project while you wait)

2.   Keep looking up info for your research paper, being sure to write down on note cards:  facts, quotes, and paraphrases.  Be sure to keep track of what websites and books you used.  Start narrowing down your sub-topics.