Assignments this week

1.  Finish any still missing IRJs.
2.  Work on your digital stories.  Be sure to save the final movie to Rm 12 > Vack >  Digital Stories > 2010/2011
3.  Explore topics for your history research project. 

Assignments for week of Nov. 8 - 10

  1. If you have all of your media accessible work on digital stories.  If not . .     
  2. Revise personal narrative.  
  3. Type IRJ # 4

Assignments for the week of Nov 1 - 5

  1. Finish up El Dia De Los Muertos PowerPoint and email it to me.
  2.  Type  IRJ #3 and/or your personal narrative rough draft.  (share your personal narrative with me and Ms. Walters)
  3. Complete story board for your digital story.
  4. Begin digital story using Photo Story 3.  Be sure to save often!