The Case for Year-Round School

As an introduction to our persuasive writing and debate unit, I thought we might read some examples of persuasive writing or, as they're called in journalism- editorials. For this "response-as- commentary activity," read the editorial Year-Round School? My Kids Love It. Yours Will, Too and respond to the following questions by adding comments. You won't see comments posted by your peers until everyone has answered. After you have written your responses, answer the survey.

Response Question 1

What is the author's thesis? (her main argument?)

Response Question 2

Before the author presents her formal thesis, or argument, how does she "hook" the reader?

Response Question 3

What is an intersession? What kinds of classes can students take during this time?

Response Question 4

Who are the experts that the author uses to support her argument? What do they say about year-round school?

Response Question 5

What does a modified, year-round school schedule look like? How does it differ from a traditional one?

Response Question 6

What are the some of counter-arguments this author includes in her editorial? That is, what do people who support the traditional school year say? What does the research show?

Response Question 7

The author uses "loaded", or persuasive words like "sacrosanct" when referring to a traditional school year. Look up the word sacrosanct to find how it might be considered "loaded" in this editorial. Find two or three other persuasively loaded words and comment how the author used them and why you think she picked them.

Response Question 7

What do you think about this Ms. Schultes' editorial? Explain why you agree or disagree with her argument. Use evidence from her article to support your opinion.