Trash Blog II

1.  Make sure you posted last week's blog questions and posted your Trash found poem.  Make sure your poem has a title other than "Trash Found Poem."

2.   Print out your poem, (you will glue this in your journal).

3.  Read the paragraph on pg 149 that begins with, "I learned more than any university could ever teach me."  What do you think about Olivia's perspective about money?  How do you think her experience at the Behala dumpsite has changed her?

4.  Read the four newspaper articles on pages 186 - 189.  Which one has the most liberal or anti-Zapanta perspective?  Which one has the most conservative or pro-Zapanta perspective?  Use examples from each article to support your opinion.

5.  Describe the scene at the cemetery during day of the dead. Why do you think the author, Andy Mulligan, would end the book in this setting?

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