Camping Trip Snapshots

Our 7 & 8 backpack trip up Redwood Creek was an autumnal ode to joy. Here are a few student snapshots:

We were walking through many different environments; redwoods, river areas, and more. we were walking through moist dirt with the smell of wildflowers and hearing things like small birds chirping and the sound of the river next to us.

Collin Roberts, 7th grade

he water tasted of clean metal as AnaMae and I plunged into the freezing cold swimming hole by our new campsite. I
blew a stream of small bubbles out of my mouth and headed downward. When I opened my eyes, the water stung bad and then calmed down. I drifted along the edge of the jumping rock gliding my hand over the smooth algae and pointed snails that had attached themselves to the side of the boulder. I dipped my head down and dived to grab a handful of gravel. The stones felt cool in my hand. I spread out my fingers and let the pebbles slip through my fingers so that they glided towards the bottom like a feather glides through air.

Zoe Ziegler, 7th grade

There was a small swimming hole covered by overhanging branches and the gravel bar kept going as far as you could see. I waded out to a partially submerged log and ate my sandwich. By the time I got to the log my feet were numb, that's how cold it was. After I was finished a couple of my friends had jumped in. I thought " No way, I'm not going swimming." But the water looked so refreshing and so inviting. So I waded through the shin deep freezing water. My mind was split between jumping in and staying out. But finally, the look of such refreshment blew me over. I took off my shirt and jumped in. The freezing water rushed over my head. I burst through the surface spluttering and gasping for air, but it felt so refreshing. This, I thought, was true heaven. This refreshment was enough for us to drudge the last mile where ice water and popsicles awaited us.

Galen Deimer, 8th grade

That night, Nick and I, helped make a campfire. It was a really good one. We all sat around it and ate hot-dogs and for buns we used slugs, the bagels not real slugs. John ate about 8 hot-dogs, it was gross. Then after we had our hot-dogs, we went to marshmallows. Lily has the marshmallow gift, she can make a perfect marshmallow.

AnaMae McGoldrick, 7th Grade

One of the most memorable moments for me was waking up outside and seeing this wispy, purple and pink cloud above my head. I wasn't quite awake all the way so I was thinking, "Why is everything sideways and OH MY GOD! that tree is going to fall! And so is that one! All of them are!" I'm not a morning person.

Nick Verhey, 8th grade

It was early morning and the sun was beaming down on the stream in such a way that it looked almost of gold. The air was cold, the chilling kind of cold, and cold enough to see our own breath.
Not thinking of the long hike home ahead, our bellies were full of oatmeal and marshmallows which seemed to keep us warm.

Finn Hakenen, 8th grade

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