This Week's Computer Lab Assignments

1. Post your Alchemist review as a comment. (see post below)

2. Revise your summer snapshot using sensory and descriptive imagery. Remember to just pick one moment (under a five minute period) that you can capture with words. Pretend you are describing a scene from a movie to someone who can't see.

3. Revise and post, to your blog, your Alchemist found poem. Be sure to give it a title other than "found poem." Try to get a unique meaning into your poem rather than a summary of the novel.

4. Post your "I am poem." Again, give it a title other than "I am poem"

5. Read the collaborative observation poem we made about Trinidad Head. (I shared this with you, look in your email) You can edit this piece by adding more descriptive or compelling language, just don't change the over all meaning of it's lines. You can also move lines around if you think it makes more sense. Use "insert comment" if you have other ideas or want to share your feedback. Remember that I can see who changes what, so be mindful of your editorial power.

6. Follow and read every students blog. Please make positive comments when you can!


  1. I think The alchemist is a good book so far. Its exciting and a good adventure story. I do not think I would read it on my own time though. I would recomend the alchemist.

  2. This book is interesting. I really like all the morals that are hidden between the lines. It really makes you think about your own life and what you can do to find your own "personal legend". I will definitely remember this book as one of the better ones I have read.

  3. I think the Alchemist has some good messages and you could get a lot out of it. I also think at many times throughout the book it can get very boring. I think the author spends too much time describing things. Although instead of describing the character too much in the beginning, he does seem to get on with the story. All in all, I think the Alchemist id a pretty good book, but I would have written it differently.

  4. i think the alchemist is a book i would not read on my own time but i would recommend it in the future to any one that enjoys books about the desert and unrealistic life events.