Book Thief Questions: Week 1

By this week you should have read up to pg. 107.  
Respond to this post by answering the following questions in paragraph form.  Leave a line space between each response.  Be specific.  Remember, you won't be able to read others comments until next week.

1.)  What are your overall impressions of the book?  What aspects/parts do you like?  What parts are difficult to understand?

2.)  What is the effect of having Death serve as narrator?

3.)  Why do you think Death puts such an emphasis on colors?

4.)  Briefly describe the main characters so far. 


  1. 1)My over all impression of this book is that it was a hard time in Germany. I think that it is an okay book. I like how the book keeps you tied in somehow. Just what the characters are saying seem to interest me. I don't get why death is watching the girl all this time when he should be taking souls from dead people.

    2)Since death is the narrator of the book it takes the book in a different perspective. Death is not a person so you somehow get a different feeling from the book.

    3)I think that death has such an emphasis on color because well he is death and the common take on death is dark colors and no life, so with death when he sees lots of color it is a fun thing for him to see and talk about.

    4)Liesel:A skinny girl who has a ruff life who was taken (not forcefully) from her mother, has lost her younger brother on the way. A girl with an obsession for reading.
    Papa: A caring older man who loves his daughter very much. Smokes cigarettes and plays the accordion. Is teaching his daughter how to read
    Mama: A very verbal woman who loves her daughter but has a hard time showing it. Does laundry for the neighborhood.
    Rudy: A boy who wants to be exactly like the black runner Jesse Owens. Liesel's best friend. Has a small crush on Liesel.

  2. 1.) My view of the book is that it's boring, slow paced, and hard to follow

    2.) I think it makes the book more interesting but harder to follow

    3.) I think he talks about them so much because when we look at colors all we see is a color, but he sees much more than just a color


  3. 1.The book is emotional.It's sometimes hard to understand death and i think that it is weird that death is a character.The book is interesting and it makes me want to read more.I like that i can get a picture in my head of what is going on because the author describes it well.
    2.You can see a different perspective from a different character.
    3.Because he experiences the end of peoples lives and he wants to see the colors during lives?.
    4.Death,a Skinny blond German girl named Liesel,Rudy a bleach blond German boy who is Liesels friend and loves a famous black runner, A man that smokes and knows how to play the accordion and Liesel excepts as her father who she calls papa, Papas wife who is strict but loving and cares for Liesel and she must be called mama.

  4. 1.) My overall impressions of the book are that it's very well written, . One of the parts of the book that I like is when Liesel arrives at her foster parents house because from then on I can actually understand what's happening and because if she hadn't been sent to the foster parents she wouldn't have know how to read for probably quite a while. The parts that are hard to under stand are many, most in the beginning of the book, including when Death starts talking about colors and how there is a thousand different shades of different colors in a single hour of daylight.
    2.) The effect of having Death serve as the narrator is confusing at first because you don't know that he's Death until the book starts to give you hints like when it says that he's a thousand years old and then you realize that this is not a normal guy. Having Death as a narrator is cool because it gives you a different perspective on whats happenning
    by making it seem as though your invisibly floating above the characters while different events are taking place.
    3.) I think that Death puts such an emphasis on colors because a lot of people think of Death as this evil, uncaring guy while the book depicts him as this thoughtful, intelligent guy who's just doing his job as "Passing them on" as the book states, them being the souls of the people that have died, such as Liesel brother.

  5. 1.) This book is pretty confusing because it is from Deaths perspective. Also it is weird that it names colors i don't really get that so far. I think it is pretty interesting that it is about a girl in a Hitler camp and her story. Also that it is kinda hard to understand because death narrates from his view.

    2.) The effect of having death as the narrator is that is kind of hard to understand what happens. Also it is weird cause sometimes when it say starts describing people i think it is the girl describing it but then i have to remember it is death talking.

    3.) I think death makes such a big emphasis on colors because different colors means different moods or different emotions.

    4.) Liesel is the girl at the hitler camp, Her foster dad is a nice guy, Her foster mom, Death the narrator, Rudy is Liesels friend.

  6. 1.) I think The Book Thief is an interesting story so far. I like how the narrator is Death which is kind of an abstract concept but I enjoy it. I Didn't understand how "Death" witnessed all of this because doesn't he have other matters to attend to besides watch the "Book Thief"?

    2.) I think the author tries to make Death see humans differently then we see each other, and that makes Death a character instead of just "death", the narrator.

    3.) Because he doesn't find interest in taking dead peoples souls and to him he finds colors more interesting. It seems that if he were a human he would be an artist

    4.) Liesel Meminger: A German orphan that went to foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann. She has grown to like Hans very much as he has helped her learn to read.

    Hans Hubermann: Hans Is a big part of Liesels life in the story. As I said before, he is her foster father and has helped her learn to read.

    Rosa Hubermann: Rosa is Liesels step mother. Rosa seems kind of mean to Liesel. Personally I wouldn't want her for a foster mother.

    Rudy Steiner: Rudy is kind of her friend thats a boy but not her boyfriend. They remind me of Batman and Robin...

  7. 1. What I like about the book is how Liesel doesn't know where she came from, and how her mother is a mystery to her. I think that having the Grim Reaper narrate the book is a little farfetched and stupid

  8. 2. I don't really like death narrating this book because it doesn't seem real that he would keep such a good watch on that family because none of them are dying.

  9. 3. I think that death describes the colors so much because he is astounded by all the colors that can occur in such a short period of time.

  10. 1.) The things I like about this book is that death is telling the story instead of like an old person. Another thing I like about this book is that the book is about a little German girl in World War II instead of a American Army soldier getting held hostage by the Nazi's ( which most World war II books are like ) The only thing that is difficult to me in this book is that sometimes they use the German words in the book at random times for things and that makes it difficult for me to understand.

    2.) The Effect on me for having Death as the narrator in this book is that it makes it a little more deep because he is always talking about how he has to take the soul of the people that he has killed and for me it would personally be really hard to go take the souls of dead people everyday.

    3.) I think that Death puts so much emphasis on colors is because each one fits the person. Like if its red it might mean the person is bad or something like that. Or another reason might be is because that might be how death is feeling at certain times while he is taking the souls of people.

    4.) Liesle is the first main character and she is very shy in the begging of the book but then becomes more outgoing, for example; when she makes friends with Rudy and plays soccer with him and also when she beats up that one kid that was antagonizing her. Another main character would be Rudy, Rudy seems like a poor kid who wants to be black, I say that because he is always trying to be like that one famous Olympic runner, Jessie Owens and it also seems like Rudy likes Liesle. Another main character is Hans who is Liesle's foster father who treats Liesle very nice and teachers her how to read and write and he also play the accordion. Another main character is Rosa who treats Liesle with not that much respect and yells at Liesle a lot and hits her sometimes and also make Lisele do the work for her by delivering the laundry back to people. Those are about all the main characters and there personalitys

  11. 4. I think all of the main characters in this book so far are Liesle the young book thief who doesn't know much about her mother, Hans her foster father who Liesle has taken a liking to and plays the accordion, Rosa the foster mother who is strict and shows her love for liesle in a strange way, Rudy who is one of liesle's best friends on Himmel street and pretended to be Jesse Owens once.

  12. I think that the book is pretty good so far. I like it because it is kind of sad in some parts and I just think its a good book. I think its kind of funny how her new dad is the nice one and her mom is the mean one; cause it seams like fathers are always more mean. He also seams like a funny character. The mom seams like a funny person too, cause it said that she was short and fat, but she is also mean to her new daughter.

  13. Questions for The Book Thief#1-4
    1)I think the book thief is a good book, so far. One of the reasons I like it is because its sad.
    2)Well in the beginning Death stole brothers heart and she found him dead.

  14. 1. I like the book because it lays in the hands of deaths perspective, and no other narrator is quite like death, and it really took some really took real some imagination to think that thing up.
    2. The effect is that death really see's things for what they are, his title as death gives him the ability to not have to try to block out horrible facts.
    3. Death puts a lot of emphasis on colors because it keeps him sane, it brightens his day, it keeps the thought of mourning, loss, and remorse out of his mind for at least a short moment.
    4.Rosa Hubermann: A negative person who's is a bully to everyone., Hans Hubermann: A kind person. Leisol: a child who is troubled because of her many losses. Rudy: Leisol's best friend who is nice and is addicted ti Jesse Owens.

  15. 4.)The main characters so far are Liesel, Rudy Steiner, Hans Huberman, Rosa Huberman, Tommy Muller, and I can't remember the rest.

  16. 1.It's sad that the girls brother died on a bus and i do not really get the book so far. I do kind of get what the book is about because it tells me on the back and on the front. I think that i will like the book after a few chapters!

  17. 1) I don't really like this book because it is hard to understand, and really dark.

    2) The effect of having death serve as a narrator is that it makes the book dark, but it fits the theme because this book is set in a very dark time with lots of people getting killed.

    3) I think death puts such an emphasis on colors because his life is pretty boring because he just waits for somebody to die then goes and gets them, so he uses colors to brighten his life up.