This Week's Assignments

  1. Make sure you have typed and blogged your "List" and "Vs" poem.
  2. Create a poem or two using the magnetic poetry website (see last post for links) and post this to your blog.
  3. Revise and type your Langston Hughes Poetry Response and post it to your blog.
  4. Watch, listen, and read, at least two poems, on the Favorite Poems Project website.
  5. Choose one and reply to this post by answering the following questions:
  • What is the name and author of the poem?
    • What is the poem about?  What messages or themes is the poet conveying?  Who or what is speaking in the poem?
    • What elements of poetry does the poet utilize?  Give specific examples from the poem itself and explain how they help convey meaning to the poem.
    •  What do you like about the poem?  Any favorite lines?
          6.  Read and respond to other student's replies.

          7.  Revise and type your Found Poem about slavery.  Post it to your blog.


    1. "politics" by William Butler Yeats
      this poem is in first person he uses the words I and my for example "How can I, that girl standing there"
      "And held her in my arms."
      This poem is about how politics and love can coincide in one world its not one or the other.the poet is speaking in this poem. The elements of poetry William Yeats uses are figurative language,and imagery

    2. "Minstrel Man", by Langston Hughes, is about holding in the pain you feel everyday and instead showing happiness. I think that Hughes is trying to say that everybody is feeling some sort of sorrow or regret and we should always be mindful of that. It is being said by a Minstrel Man.
      There is rhyming in this poem. Such as "cry...die" and "song...long" There is also a sense of rhythm. It flows nicely and has rests in all the same spots. It kind of makes you say it a certain way. It is funny because in the poem, Hughes is talking about singing and dancing, and the poem is similar to a song. The end of the poem stop abruptly, "I die" and it really is like the poem is dying.
      I really like this poem because it is simple and easy to understand but still has a lot of meaning to it. I like the part where it says "my throat is deep with song". It is a really good poem.

    3. "We real cool", by Gwendolyn Brooks. is about people who left school, and how they are making a bunch of wrong decisions. I think that the message being conveyed is about how people should avoid this kind of stuff.
      This poem has a certain rhythm to it, and uses rhyme. I like how the poem ends as fast as it began. The poem ends just by saying "We die soon."

    4. "We Real Cool" By Gwendolyn Brooks it's about how kids were going through a time of depression and many kids committed suicide. This man named John Ulrich who lives in Boston MA knew a lot of his friends who went through depression and they committed suicide and he deiced that he was going to help kids going through that stage and he read this poem "We real cool" and he realized that he could help kids and i think that it is really smart and i really like how he does that. It's a really good poem, i really like it.

    5. "We Real Cool," by Gwendolyn Brooks, to me, is about school drop-out. The "lurking late" and the fact that some people, thought that being bad was good because it was "cool." But in a sense, this poem is actually really interesting. With the few words it has, it really does tell someones story. And maybe they wrote the poem, because they didn't like that life. And they didn't want more people to make the same mistake.

    6. I chose the poem The Kaiser and God by Barry Pain because I thought it sounded interesting to me. It was about something by the name of "Kaiser" and it talked about the bad things the Kaiser has done to people.I thought it was a deep poem and I liked how Barry used rhymes in it. The poem was in the category of "War poems" so I assumed that a Kaiser is a soldier or something. I researched the word Kaiser and it came up with some sort of emperor

    7. "From Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman,from my perspective, is about the thing inside you that creates your confidence and ambition. H

      An element of poetry that it shows is metaphors. Whitman talks about the irony of humanity being on top when we to are barbaric and ignorant. This adds meaning to the poem because a large part of the poem is about how so many questions in life have been left unanswered.
      I find this line very interesting:"I do not know it . . . . it is without name . . . . it is a word unsaid, It is not in any dictionary or utterance or symbol." Because it talks of mystery but at the same time living life.

    8. This Poem is called "Poem" by: Frank O'Hara.
      This poem is about a boy who is kind of lost. He is like in College and seem kind of just lost in his life. I think that the poem is conveying what a new life might be like. A boy is speaking in the poem.
      This poem has rhythm for example "it started raining and snowing and you said it was hailing but hailing hits you in the head so its really snowing and raining" it also has free verse, that quote works for free verse too.
      Things i like about this poem are how it's supposed to be read at a fast pace and all fits together very well. One of the quoted i liked from this poem was "Oh Lana Turner we love you get up" I don't know why but this line i think makes the poem less Tense. I also thought that the man who read the poem, Richard Samuel, did a good job of reading and made the rhythm good :)

    9. "Were Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks is about kids going down a bad road and they thing they are cool ,but really aren't. You might think your cool doing bad things or staying out late , but really your not. And don't give into pure pressure. It is like a teacher or a parent speaking telling other people that they aren't cool. The poem uses dfenatly rhythem. It starts really fast and also ends pretty fast. I like how it starts out saaying "Were real cool" and ends with "We Die soon".

    10. We real cool by Gwendolen Brooks is a poem about how there are people who drop out of school and get into drugs and gangs and I think what this poem is trying to say is that you shouldn't go and drop out of school and then go join some gangs that could get you killed or go do some bad drugs that could get you killed. I think that the person that is supposed to be telling this poem is someone who is in a gang or got messed up from drugs, gangs, and violence.
      I think that this is a narrative poem because the poem is kind of like telling a story. For example its like " We real cool. We Left school. We Lurk late. We Strike straight. We Sing sin. We Thin gin. We Jazz June. We Die soon." I think this is conveying the message of this poem because the poem is taking place from someone that had had something bad happen to them from violence or gangs or drugs.
      I like how this poem is like a message and that it takes a second or two to understand the message but once you get it makes you think about it and how you should never join gangs, or do bad drugs and hurt people. I think this poem would probably take place in like east L.A. or maybe some gang areas in like New York or Boston and I think that if a kid or just a person in general read this poem and they lived in those areas, it would make them want to pursue to be something instead of a gang member.
      This was a good poem and I recommend this poem to everyone that likes a challenge of understanding a message and thinking about how words can help someone go and do something great.

    11. “The Sloth” by Theodore Roethke. This poem is about a slow moving sloth that is told something and thinks about it for a year before responding, and he is lonely. This poem is conveying that the sloth is very slow and lonely because he has no peer. In this poem, it is a person speaking.
      This poem utilizes rhymes, rhythm, and imagery. “Then off again to Sleep he goes,
      Still swaying gently by his Toes,” helps convey how peaceful and slow the life of a sloth is.
      I like how the poet uses rhymes, rhythm, and imagery because it helps me to understand the meaning of the poem. “Then off again to Sleep he goes,
      Still swaying gently by his Toes,
      And you just know he knows he knows.” I like this line because it shows how lazy and laid back a sloth can be.

    12. "The Sloth" by Theodore Roethke is about a sloth who when you ask him something he has to think about it for a year and when he answers he doesnt say anything he just assumes you know. Then the sloth goes back to sleep showing how calm and sort of lazy a sloth can be.
      Roethke uses a similie "There, upside down (unlike a bird) he also uses a lot of ryme for example... 'peer, ear, year.' or 'word, bird, heard.' and there is rythm in it as well.
      I like the how the poem feels really calm and quiet. I think my favorite part of the poem would be "Then off again to sleep he goes, Still swaying gently by his toes, And you just know he knows he knows." I like that line because it is calm explaining how he sleeps telling you he knows. I think what he knows is whatever he was asked before that took him a year to answer, even though he never really did answer he just assumed you already knew by then.

    13. Favorite Poem Response

      “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks, is a poem about some high school kids skipping school and doing drugs. In the end of the poem it says, “We die soon” which shows how the poet says that drugs are bad. The poem is like a life experience that someone had and is trying to show what not to do.

      The elements of poetry that can be found in this poem are, rhyming sentences. An example of this is, “ We real cool. We left school. We jazz June. We die soon” Another one is a good sense of rhythm, all of the lines are only three words long and similar in size.

      One if the things that I like about the poem is the meaning that it conveys. At first I didn’t understand what it was talking about, but as I read through it a couple times I began to comprehend it. The basic message of the poem is look at what happens to people that do what the poem describes, look at the outcome. Is that what you want your life to be like?

    14. "The Sloth" by Theodore Roethke. This poem is about telling a sloth something and them thinking about it for awhile then not saying anything and excepting you to know what they mean. This could also be about a good friends always knowing what each other mean without them saying anything. Either the reader or the author is speaking in this poem.
      This poem has imagery and rhythm and a rhyme scheme of A,A,A. "There, upside down (unlike a Bird)" This line has some good imagery you can really see a sloth hanging upside down on a branch.
      I like they way you can almost see the sloth swaying and moving slowly while someone whispers in his ear.