This Week's Assignment

  1. Finish last week's assignment, including revising your Misfits final draft and printing it out, and if you're in Ms. Leuck's class; type, revise, and share your 3 page long write.
  2. Check your email and download the "13 Colonies Interpretive PowerPoint" assignment.
  3. First research the colony you would like to study by looking through your history text, pages 36 - 57.
  4. Once you decide on a colony, write a 2-3 sentence persuasive statement explaining why you want to research this particular colony.  Print this out and give to Ms. Walters.  Only 3 students can choose the same colony and there has to be at least two students per colony before a third can be added. 
  5. Before you begin the PowerPoint, write the answers to you research questions first.  You can upload the research questions to google docs before answering.  Use the history text first, then library books, and then finally for unknowns answers on the internet.  Be sure to keep track of where you find info for you bibliography later.  You need to reference at least on library book in your bibliography.

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