This Week's Assignment

  1. For Ms. Leuck's class:  keep working on your "Significant Person"  essay, digital story, and speech.
  2. For Mr. Vack's class:  keep working on your position paper rough draft.  Be sure you share it with Ms. Walters, Mr. Gledhill, and Mr. Vack, along with two other students for peer editing.  You should also peer edit at least two students essays.
  3. If you are done with the above assignments, or are waiting to peer edit, you may start researching a topic for your Ocean Science Fair Project.  I've shared two documents with you already, "polar seas websites" and "polar seas project summary." That you will use to start your research.  Once you have an idea fill out your project summary page, print it, turn it in,  and you can get started.

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