Washington D.C. Memorial/Monument Poster

The planners of the National Capital, which would eventually be named as a tribute to George Washington, never dreamed how many memorials and monuments would be built there over the next 200 years.  Read about the monuments and memorials of Washington D.C. and then pick one to make a poster about.  You may use Microsoft Word, Photoshop (8th grade only), or Glogster to create your poster.  

Content of your poster must include:

  • Name of your memorial/monument
  • date(s) built
  • why it was built
  • what its importance is
  • where it is located
  • how it was built/designed/constructed
  • who is it honoring
  • any other important or interesting facts about it
Design elements of your poster must include:
  • Thematic title
  • at least 3 relevant graphics with caption
  • specific yet simple writing
  • text boxes
  • cohesive and readable fonts
  • appropriate color scheme
  • a balance of creativity and readability 

Posters will be due Next Friday.  You can print them in color in my room or in the computer lab.  You can also save them as a PDF and post it to your blog.

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