Ender's Game Questions Chapters 9 - 11

Chapter 9 – Locke and Demosthenes
1. There is a real battle, internally and unspoken, between Peter and Valentine. Who is manipulating whom?  Who really has the power?
2.  Look up the names Locke and Demothenes, how do these philosophers relate to the personas of Peter and Valentine?
3. Why is Ender still angry?

Chapter 10 – Dragon
1. What kind of leader was Ender?  Why was he this kind of leader?
2. What did Ender do to Bean, and why?
3. What does the word Salaam mean?  What could this tell you about the power of religious identity?
4. What is important about the end of this chapter?  Was Ender’s reaction a mistake by the Battle School teachers, or was it the reaction they wanted?

Chapter 11 – Veni Vidi Vici
1. How does the computer know Ender so well?  Does it really?
2. Explain this quote: “Yes. That’s the worst that could happen. I can’t lose any games. Because if I lose any--” (page 198)
3. Why are the teachers pushing Ender so hard?
4. Discuss the importance of the last two sentences of the chapter.
5. “Veni vidi vici” means, “I came; I saw; I conquered.”  Why is this an appropriate chapter title?

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