The Misfits: Peer Revision/Editing Guide

  1. Make sure you have named your document:  "Your Name:  The Misfits Final Four Responses.
  2. Click on "Share" in the upper right hand corner.  Change sharing settings to "Anyone with Link" and then make sure you select "can comment" in the drop down menu.
  3. Drag your document into folder, "The Misfits:  Final Four Responses."  Click "Shared with Me" if you don't see it in your drive.  
  4. Click in the folder, and read and make comments to the student's response directly to your right.  Read and add comments one response at a time.

Directions for Peer Revision/Editing

  1. Read the response all the way through without adding comments.
  2. Read the response a second time by adding editing & revision notation comments.
  3. To add a comment, click on the word where you want to add a comment, then either right click and select "add comment" or hold down "ctl/alt/m."  Once you add a comment be sure to click "comment" or it won't show up.  
  4. Use the Revision and Editing Checklist as your guide.
  5. If you feel a standard is missing or needs improving, write the first letter of the standard in your comment.  
  6. Add a comments where you think editing errors have been made.  Use the categories provided in the checklist.
  7. Write a few specific positive comments at the end.  
  8. Move on to the next response.
  9. When your are done, follow the same procedure with the student's response on your left.  

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