Editing and Revising your Product Comparison Review

  1. Complete your product comparison review rough draft and give it the title "Your Name:  Title:  Rough Draft."  This needs to be complete by Tuesday morning so we can start revising in the lab.  If you don't have computer access at home please work at homework club.  Make sure you are explaining, comparing, and using specific examples from your criteria table.  Use at least five coordinating/subordinating conjunctions and bold them.
  2. Looking at the Read ReAD and RoC revision chart for ideas, read your review once more and look for ways to improve.  Now read and proofread your own at least 3 other student's reviews.  Don't correct mistakes for them, but you can underline spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.  When necessary, add ReAD and RoC comments.  
  3. Read those comments and revise!  Copy two rubrics to the end of your review and use one to assess yourself, leave the other one for me.  Go back and make any more improvements.  Once you feel your final draft is complete.  Change your title to "You Name:  Title:  Final Draft" and change your sharing settings with me so I can edit.  Final Drafts are Due Friday.

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