This Week's Assignments

  1. Finish your technology post from last week.  Make sure you use complete sentences and check your capitalization.  Remember, you're not texting!  I'm looking for a good paragraph response.
  2. Finish your Columbus trial defense argument.  You need to included specific examples from your reading for each indictment.  Print one out per group.
  3. For Vack's language arts class:  type and revise you character sketch.  Following the guidelines in your Write Source book on pg.  30.  Share your writing with two neighboring classmates for editing and feedback.  After peer editing you should revise again and then print.  For Ms. Leuck's language arts class:  type and revise your "long write."  You may also share with two neighbors for editing and feedback.  
  4. Only after all of the above assignments are completed, including the peer editing, can you format and update your blog. 

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