This Week's Assignments

  1. Finish all work from last week.
  2. Check out National Geographic's interactive Jamestown website
  3. Using google docs, you and a partner will be doing a web investigation that focuses on either the Jamestown settlement or the Powhatan village of Werocomoco.
  4. With your partner decide which one you want to investigate and download the appropriate question sheet from my website.  You will have to click on the social studies link, scroll down to year one, and look on the left hand column for the appropriate file to download.  Only one of you needs to download it, because from there you will upload it as a goo doc which you will share with your partner and work collaboratively on. When you are done, share it with me and Ms. Walters for a grade.  Try to be as specific as possible in your answers and use examples, quotes, and facts.
  5. If you finish early, try the other investigation for extra credit.

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