Assignments for Jan 12 & 13

  1. Finish your Solid Matter graphic organizer and print it.  Make sure it is well organized and fonts are sized according to hierarchy.
  2. Please finish any writings you're working on for language arts.
  3. If you are completely finished with the above work you may begin researching Martin Luther King, starting at The King Institute website.  You will then make a Glogster poster about one aspect or event in King's life.  Topics could include:  non-violent resistance & Gandhi, Birmingham bus boycott, letter from a Birmingham jail.,  march on Washington, "I have a dream" speech, family life, Nobel Peace Prize, ????.  Whatever you decide, be sure to have a thematic title, graphics include quotes, dates, and other main ideas.  You can also audio and video clips.  When you are done you can post it to your blog. 

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