This Week's Assignment

This week you will be making a graphic organizer using your science notes from 5.2:  "Solid Matter."  You will be using the free online mind mapping software,, to create your organizer.  First you will need to sign-up for an account (it doesn't require much more than an email).  Below is an example of one I started for you.

You may start by copying mine or make your own from scratch, but either way, your organizer should begin with "Solid Matter" and include all of the most important details for each main idea.  For example, what concepts would you attach to thermal conductivity?  Where would crystalline solids and polymers connect to?  Think about the relative size of each bubble and how it relates to the one above it.  You can also use color to show relationships.

Once you are done be sure to save it in your account and export it a jpg. file to save in your folder on the network.  You can then insert the image into a g-doc or word file and print.  You may have to use "landscape" in you page layout to get it to fit.  Also remember not to use background colors that are too dark, as it may be hard to see when you print in black and white. 

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