Innovative Product Project

Now that you have finished Ender's Game I hope you are inspired to read more sci-fi and ponder what the future holds for mankind (and alien kind?).  The final culminating project will be to design and explain an innovative product for the near or distant future.  In groups of one, two, or three (depending on the complexity of your presentation) you will need to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Brainstorm ideas from the categories we discussed in class.
  2. "Pitch" your best idea to the class in under a minute.  Answer questions and revise your idea.
  3. Form teams based on similar ideas.
  4. Create a rough draft drawing and narrative about your product.  Be sure to identify:
    • important components
    • how it functions
    • materials it's made of
    • why it's needed/what make's it special
    • product name
  5. Turn this in, so I can approve it and help make and revisions.
  6. Choose a presentation style:
    • Commercial:   Script & poster/or model/slide show
    • Trade Show Presentation:  Script & slide show
    • Common Craft Style video:  Script & video
  7. Get to it!  This project will be due next Thursday, March 21.
  8. If you really want to make a 3D model of your product check out tinkercad.  Somebody say extra credit?

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