A Few Words About Student Blogs

Every year new parents and students ask me the same question, "Why do students have blogs?"  So I thought I would answer this question in, what else but, a blog post.

Vack's Top 10 Reasons for Student Blogging.

10. A blog is basically an online writing portfolio where final drafts can be "published."

9.  Because these are final drafts, writings should be free of mechanical and syntax errors.  (don't forget to capitalize your "i"s and remedy those red underlines for mispelled words.

8.  Though they are technically considered final drafts, blog posts can be revised and submitted for a better grade, that is, you can email me.  "Hey Mr. Vack, I added more b.s. to my writing.  Think you could check it out for a better grade?"  (Ask a student what b.s. stands for)

7.  Student writing can be read by family members and friends anytime.  (You may not be able to get grandma off her smart phone!)

6.  Students, teachers, and family members can post supportive and positive comments to writings, making student authors feel all warm and fuzzy.

5.  Blog designs and layout can be customized to a student's personality, as long as it's readable.  (lime green font on white is not the best choice)  You can also add images and video!

4.  All student blogs can be accessed through the side bar menu on my blog,, also where all blog post assignments are conveniently found

3.  Many high school English teachers require their students to keep a blog, so . . . there you go.

2.  Blogging inspires, even the most reluctant writers, to write their best because their ideas will be read members of there classroom community.

1.   "Blog" is just a fun word to say.  Keep on bloggin'!

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