Absolute Zero pt. 1: The Conquest of Cold

Absolute Zero Video Link
Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper as you watch the NOVA video “Absolute Zero”.     If you miss one of the answers, a transcript of the program is available at:
1. Cornelius Drebbel had a wager with King James I in 1620.  What was it?
2.  What does adding salt do to ice?
3.  What did Robert Boyle discover about cold?
4.  When were the first accurately calibrated thermometers made, and where?
5.  Explain how liquid thermometers work.
6.  What was the biggest problem with these first thermometers?
7.  Describe Fahrenheit’s temperature scale.
8.  What made him so famous?
9.  How did the Celsius scale originate?
10.  What is absolute Zero?
11.  Compare the different theories of heat between Lavoisier and Rumford.  Draw a frowny face next to the not so hot theory, put a smiley face next to correct theory.
12.  What did Faraday discover through his experiment with chlorine?
13.  What property of ice made it possible for Tudor the make millions shipping ice around the world?
14.  Carnot found out that more work could be done by an engine if…..
15.  What did Joule prove?
16.  What is does the unit of Joule a measurement of?
17.   What is the First Law of Thermodynamics?
18.  What is the Second Law of Thermodynamics?
19.  Draw a diagram explaining how refrigeration systems make ice.

20.  In what ways is refrigeration one of the greatest human innovations?

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