Cosmos Infographic

  1. As you watch Cosmos pt 3:  When Knowledge Conquered Fear, make a rough draft info graphic by writing down any words, concepts, names, ideas, or images that strike you.  
  2. After we discuss and digest main concepts in the video, make an artistic info graphic that expresses what you learned.  
  3. You may make the info graphic as a collage using markers, colored pencils, crayons, magazine images, printed images, etc,  
  4. Or you may use an app/software such as PicCollage, Google Draw, or anything else that you can arrange images and text to make an info graphic.   You must be able to save your one page info graphic as a .pdf or .jpg so you can share it with me.  (more on this tomorrow in tech skills)
  5. Info graphics will be due Friday.  

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