Digital Life Presentation Using PowToon

Make a Powtoon presentation that showcases your digital life

Go to

type in code:  Ntc1

You will need to sign up with a free account.
  • compelling/creative title
  • at least 8 slides
  • use an assortment of animations and transitions
  • keep a consistent theme and color scheme

  • include photos, screenshots from your life or technology you use.  

  • should answer the following questions

  • what technology do you use?
  • what do you use technology for?
  • how often are you in front of a screen?
  • how do you think technology affects your social life?
  • in what ways is technology a detriment to your life?
  • in what ways is technology a benefit to your life?
  • how do you envision using technology in the future?
  • ??????? 

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