Ender's Game Anticipation Assignment

Throughout the next six weeks you will be reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card and writing all of your responses on your blog.  You will also be responsible for reading and commenting on other student's blog posts.  So make sure you are following everyone's blog and everyone is following you!

1. Fill out the Ender's Game Anticipation Guide, but DON"T HIT SUBMIT!
2.  Create a  new blog post called "Ender's Game Anticipation Guide."  In this post you will write about how and why you ranked each statement.  Write a brief but thoughtful paragraph about each statement.  For example:  "Lying is justifiable if it's for the greater good. - I am undecided on this statement so I gave it a 3.   I suppose it is important for the government to have spies that need to lie in order to keep our country safe, however on the other hand telling lies rarely comes to any good and people often get hurt through dishonest actions . . ."
3.  Once you have completed your blog responses for the anticipation guide, press submit and, when the whole class is finished, I will share with you the results.
4.  Start reading!  By Monday next week you will have read to pg. 53. (chapter 5)

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