Ender's Game Questions Chapters 1 - 5

Due Thursday, Jan 31

Chapter 1 – Third
1. What attitude motivates the adults to lie to Ender?

2. Explain what it seems to mean for Ender to be born a "Third". Show whether this is
a negative or positive fact to:
- his parents,
- his brother, Peter,
- his sister, Valentine, and
- his classmates.

Chapter 2 – Peter
1. Was Peter joking when he threatened Ender and Valentine?  Support your answer
with evidence from the novel.

2. Why is Peter’s behavior at the end of the chapter so completely different from the
rest of the chapter?

3. How do you feel about each of these characters (Ender, Valentine, Peter)?  What
did the author do to help create these feelings?  Give examples.

Chapter 3 – Graff
1. What did Graff mean about evolution working against girls?
2. Ender is leaving to learn how to fight a war, yet he takes Graff’s hand. Why does
Orson Scott Card (OSC) include this action?

Chapter 4 – Launch
1. Explain the meaning of the following statement: “Individual human beings are tools
that the others use to help us all survive.”

2. Explain the following quote: "Isolate him enough that he remains creative -
otherwise he'll adopt the system here and we'll lose him." Your answer should
include the terms: isolation, creative, adopt, lose.

3. Did Ender mean to break the other boy’s arm?  What does this incident tell us about
Ender?  Is it acceptable to do despicable things for survival?  Why or why not?

Chapter 5 – Games
1. Ender works hard to express his feelings in private and not show homesickness in
front of any other person. Is it healthy for him or not?   What is positive and what is
negative about showing feelings?  What is positive and what is negative about not
showing feelings?

2. How did Ender beat Bernard?  Is this an unusual solution to his problem?

3. List the different coping mechanisms (ways of dealing with difficulties) Ender
shows. For each one describe whether the overall result of each is helpful or
harmful to Ender.

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