Ender's Game Questions Chapt. 6 - 8

Chapter 6 – The Giant’s Drink
1. What is the purpose of the "Giant's" Game? How should Ender evaluate his
success at this game? Is he a murderer?

Chapter 7 – Salamander
1. What did Alai say to Ender? Why is the exchange between Alai and Ender so

2. What is the "just living" mentioned in this chapter?  Is it true that Ender has never
done this?  What does Ender want out of life?  How would you feel if you were he?

3. How did Petra help Ender? How is Petra’s friendship a hindrance to Ender?

4. What does Ender learn about leadership and tactics from Bonzo?

Chapter 8 – Rat
1. Graff says, “Ender Wiggin is ten times smarter and stronger than I am.”  Explain
what this quote means.

2. What is significant about the quote: “So teach me.”  “So learn.”

3. Why is Ender’s response to an attack so significant?

4. What did the scene with the snake and Peter’s reflection represent?

5. How does the game know?

6. Discuss the importance of the last paragraph of this chapter.

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